IndulgenceInteresting word. Conjures up images of spoiled children, sneaking the last bit of chocolate or in my case, a spoon and a pint of buttered pecan ice cream. The root word indulge means to yield to, satisfy or gratify desires, to yield to the wishes or whims of another. Indulgence is the act or practice of indulging, treating someone with special kindness when it’s not a good thing.

Well then.

Sounds like my previous marriage. I yielded who I was and attempted to gratify his desires at his whim. On top of that I showered him with kindness when I should have thrown his behind in jail instead of appeasing him.

Personally I think the word has gotten a bad rap. The definition assumes the one you are yielding to is not trustworthy. Even the bible in II Peter 2:10 NAS says, “…and especially those who indulge the flesh in its corrupt desires…” The Greek word Poreuomai is also translated as following, go on their way, journey, or pursued a course. Which really doesn’t sound bad by itself.

What if we changed who or what we indulged in? What if we catered to someone who would reciprocate our kindness, someone trustworthy?

What if I found my fulfillment and gratification in the extravagant love of the Father? What if all along that was the root problem? That I sought satisfaction in a man instead of the Creator of man.

What if indulgence is a good thing and something I should be doing every day?

We are to be on a journey of pursuing The One who knows my deepest darkest secrets and still loves me extravagantly. The One who wants to indulge me by pouring out His favor by showering me with kindness, who wants to pamper me even when I am acting like a spoiled child. The One whose love accepts me where I am today but willing to nudge me towards who He created me to be.

I want to be an indulger. To be one who yields and finds gratification in the whims of The One who is trustworthy.

What about you? Ready to indulge?



5 thoughts on “Indulgence

  1. Hi Karen, Just wondered if you have read Wings of Glass by Gina Holmes? I just finished it. It’s fiction, but quite realistic, about a young wife being abused by her husband. I’m still trying to decide if I think it’s a helpful read for someone who has been there as I have. It’s very well written. ~Joyce

    1. Hi Joyce, I hadn’t heard of the book, sounds interesting and I will look into it. Sorry it took so long to respond, was having technical issues. The question is…did the book help you? And if so. How? Then how could you help someone talk through what they felt after they read the book? Thank you for stopping by and telling me about the book. ~Karen

      1. Thanks, Karen. I’m reading it with a group on GoodReads, so it will be interesting to hear comments. Your question is good for finding that fine line which determines whether the things of the past are helpful or holding us back. ~Joyce

  2. As I read your beautiful story on Indulgence Psalm 42:1, Psalm 37:4 and Heb 12:2 all immediately lit upon my mind. We all need God’s restoring power to stand against oppressors. His power is available as we keep our eyes steadfastly upon the author & perfector of our life. Making indulgence in Jesus is key. Thank you for sharing this. I will be sharing this with others. Blessings sister.

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